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    House Clearance Edinburgh

    House Clearance Edinburgh business is on the rise and Ceemac Clearances have been at the fore front of the sector for several years. We have been providing a personal touch to clients which leaves a customer satisfaction second to none. There is a high demand for our house clearance services in Edinburgh and we deal with a wide range of clients. Whether you are clearing your own home, a relative or even an end of tenancy we can provide a 1 stop shop to suit your needs.

    We work in a professional manner on every job and we make sure our staff are discreet and efficient. We also have the experience and we understand the compassionate side of the job when dealing with a family bereavement. Many of our clients have attempted to complete the job by themselves and realise the amount of work is normally more than they had anticipated, we provide between 2 and 4 men on every job and we make light work of what seems a daunting task.

    It is also crucial for our clients that the clearance is being disposed of in a legal responsible manner. We are fully S.E.P.A registered and insured and use licensed waste management plants to dispose of rubbish. We will also look to save any items that can be re used either at a charity shop or for families that may be less fortunate and can benefit from any of the items.

    We have a simple process for us to provide a quote for clearance you are looking to be done. First, we will take your call and gather as much information as we can, we will then come and visit you at the property or request a video showing us exactly what you would like cleared. We will then asses and send over a written quote for the clearing and disposing of the items. If you are happy with the quote and would like to book in a date, we will provide an available day and time. We always take a 10% deposit to confirm the job.

    We love coming out and visiting you at the property in order to introduce ourselves and give you the most accurate quote based on certain factors at the property. We understand sometimes this may no be possible and we would then ask for a walk round video of the property, if this is not an option then we will simply take down a list of items to be collected and give you an estimate quote which covers both labour and the cost of dumping.

    Edinburgh is one of our most vibrant house clearance departments and one of our busiest. We have built up fantastic relationships with our Edinburgh clients and we always aim to provide a high-class service at competitive prices.

    Garage Clearance Edinburgh

    Garages can be an easy destination for unwanted items or rubbish that is taking up unnecessary space in your home. We can come and have a look, provide a quote and get the job done in a fast and efficient manner. Garage clearances in Edinburgh are becoming more common, its no secret we are accumulating more rubbish and we have no space to put it all. Clearing the garage can be an uplifting experience in that it provides much needed storage space.

    Possibly the kids have been looking for a room to sit with friends or you can finally move your workshop to the garage. Whatever the reason for getting it done it can be very satisfying to finally get that mess cleared. If like many people you would like to get your garage cleared and have a fresh start, then give us a call on 0141……….

    House Clearance Edinburgh Services are provided by Ceemac ltd. We have been serving the people of Edinburgh for over 10 years and we are proud of the reputation we have gained as a professional, reliable and efficient house clearance company. We have become the go-to guys for customers in Edinburgh who need a property cleared quickly and efficiently. We provide a discreet house clearing service and our staff have been trained to be compassionate and understanding on each job we take on.  Due to the nature of our work we realise customers are looking for a quick turnaround. we deal with clients who may have lost a loved one, customers looking to get a house cleared to finalise a sale and landlords who have been left with a clearance to do to get a property rented back out. Each case is different and through years of experience, we have been able to give our clients a sense of satisfaction with the work we have carried out. The Edinburgh property market has always been very popular, it is, therefore, important to employ a company who can get the job done, in the correct manner with minimum fuss.

    The property landscape in Edinburgh can make it difficult to carry out house clearances on your own. a high number of the jobs we carry out are flats that may be on the 2nd or 3rd floor. Over the years we have found it common for people to start doing the job by themselves and realising very quickly that hiring a house clearance business makes sense, both financially and due to the heavy workloads involved. If you are needing a house clearance Edinburgh business with a fantastic reputation then give us a call today.

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